“Knock, knock…”

“Knock, knock…”

By Becky Nutt


“Who’s there?”


“Me, who?”

“Me who wants to come in and evangelize you.”

With that announced warning few times is the answering “come in” heard. I live behind a locked gate, so they cannot literally get to my door (although I have found tracts stuffed in my gate).

Most of us have had someone come knocking at our door, or hand us a tract, or somehow approach us to “share” their belief in how to get to Heaven. There are so many religions, with each saying their way is the only way, the only church, the only belief system that is true.

So, other than hiding behind the gate, what can we do in response to these folks?

▪ Argue? Hmm, does that really ever get anywhere?

▪ Close the door in their face? Tempting, but just not nice.

▪ Listen, then close the door in their face? Ornery!

▪ Convert? That depends on where they are getting their information and what they are saying.

▪ Do not open the door eliminating the need to all of the above? That is probably a more common form of not confronting the issue.

▪ Or, could we politely listen, then share our faith? That would be fair.

I met a man who has dedicated his life to sharing his faith to who he calls the “lost.” I have a niece on a mission for her church sharing her faith to the “lost.” My mother knocks on doors to share her faith to the “lost.” These three have completely different philosophies, religions, faith. I admire them all for being so bold, because they are doing the hard work of getting out and sharing with the world their understanding of what is truth.

It brings the question, what is truth?

Religions believe in the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, and that Jesus was a mighty prophet. Some believe that eternal salvation is fulfilling the Ten Commandments, others that following the Golden Rule is the guideline, and then others that say following Jesus of the Bible is the true path to eternity with God.

For myself, I cannot give you all the reasons to believe this way or that way, but I have had this relationship that has been going on since I was fourteen and it has solidified my belief system. It’s not founded on facts and figures or why what this person believes is not accurate, versus what that person believes, but it’s founded on this relationship of knowing, understanding, growing, and trusting. A relationship that has proved itself to me over and over, not through emotion, but through the result of trusting, adjusting, and loving.

It began with a call to ask forgiveness of my sins. I saw Him with His hand stretched out to me to come to Him. It grew by reading His Word, by letting go of me and allowing Him. It deepens as He leads and I give up me. It solidifies all I ever am.

The Truth? It’s only in Him.

The Way? It’s only through Him.

“Knock, knock?”

“Who’s there?”

“The Lord Jesus, the Christ. Let Me in.”


“To love away your hurt and fear. To heal you of your pain. Let me in and it will be your joy, the journey is all gain.”

Read the Bible. There is no religion, no one else’s belief system. Just Him and you.

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