Pathway Research and Education

is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) dedicated to engaging in meaningful research in many areas of domestic security. From election security to border security, from drug trafficking to human trafficking and child sex trafficking, Pathway works to identify the ways and means by which lawful civil society is undermined by illegal activities.

Pathway also engages in community outreach, from publishing white papers to supplying subject matter experts as speakers for conferences, knowledge gained from research is wasted if it is not shared.

Currently Pathway is supporting the multi-state Take Action Tour. The Tour is a nationwide bus tour promoted through several phases to focus on key local communities to provide reality-based understanding of current threats to America in  their local areas. The Tour Team will inform, equip and empower citizens as well as Sheriffs, municipal and county leaders and the people themselves to build a righteous community of courageous leaders and prepared activists to take action through advocacy and political intervention.

The primary focus of the message is restoration of POWER and CONTROL to the people. It is clear that there is great energy in the polity, but there is a lack of focus and a “to do” list of actions people can take. The Tour will focus on the three main cultural hotbeds of concern for our people right now to combat the MCIC, all under the umbrella of Domestic Security.

Border Law Enforcement, Election Process Integrity and Advocacy for Accurate Education are all cultural weak links. In light of national polling and face-to-face interactions with everyday people from Arizona to South Carolina, from Michigan to Texas, the Overton Window moment has arrived. The people are seething mad and want action, but the very people who they expect to repair a broken system, are the ones who broke it in the first place.

Pathway Research is working to raise $1.6 Million to support the bus tour. Your tax deductible contribution may be made on line here, or checks made to Pathway Research and Education may be mailed to

Pathway Research & Education

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Clackamas, OR


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